It doesn't have to take weeks or months to create your next product. Learn how to create and sell simple, hour-long classes as your products!

You've got an audience.
You've got an idea. 
You've got the skills and value to share. 

Yet the thought of spending weeks or months to create a digital product, that may or may not sell, has you stalling before you even start! 

This is why I love doing and teaching SIMPLE methods. 

I've created and SOLD Masterclasses (aka classes, workshops, live trainings, etc) for YEARS and made thousands upon thousands of dollars doing so. 

In Masterclass Launched in 3 Hours I will teach you how to create and sell Masterclasses, FAST. 

Here's What You'll Get:

Video training (approx 1.25 hours total) on how to create a class you can sell quickly and easily based on what you know how to do. Leverage your time and provide BIG VALUE teaching classes for pay. 

Two weeks of Email Coaching Support so that you can get any and all your questions answered. This is one-on-one support with Angela Wills. 

Full Checklist of Tools you need, and why I use them, to launch your masterclass from nothing into launched (actually they're even right here on this page if you want to peek below). 

Masterclass Salespage Template in Word Doc and ThriveCart import so that you can whip up a fast salespage without needing to design it from scratch. 

Powerpoint Presentation Template so that you can model the flow to create your own powerful presentations. 

Email Templates, for the initial welcome after purchase email and the reminder, it's happening emails, so you can complete those steps quickly, too. 

Email Samples, for the promotional masterclass emails, so you have something to model when writing your promo emails. 

Free Retakes & Updates! From time to time this program will be run again live, have live Q&As or be re-recorded. You will get invites to all live events and you will get free retakes and updates for the life of this program (minimum one year ++)

Here's What It'll Do For You:

Here are some of the reasons I love creating and selling Masterclasses:

Proof of concept. I don't create anything that doesn't sell FIRST... so I don't waste time creating anything unless I already know people want to buy it. 

They're fast! Some products take 15, 30, 45 or more hours to create. Not the masterclass. 

EASY to create. Load up the Powerpoint and teach your people something awesome. 

Build-In Motivation. Let's just call it as it is... I am not very self-motivated. I need a good, solid, not-movable deadline and knowing people are about to show up in my webinar room in a few days gets me moving like nothing else will! (pssst! If this idea scares the bejebesus out of you then you don't HAVE to record it live but it sure helps with procrastination). 

Nothing Left Untaught:
All The Steps Included

Some training programs will teach you the what but not the how. This training is both the WHAT and the HOW. 

That means you can walk away knowing EXACTLY how to implement both the strategy and the technology - no other training needed. 

I'll be walking you through every single step I've used to generate fast income from masterclasses.  

When you take my course I'll tell you exactly what tools I use and you can decide if you'd like to use those same tools or something that achieves the same goal. 

Here is the list of tools we will use in Masterclass Launched in 3 Hours. You don't have to use these tools. You can use any equivalent that you have.

These are all the tools we need to create masterclasses! 

  • ConvertKit (aff) for Emails (cost $9/month or free trial) 
  • Canva (aff) for Graphics & Presentations (cost $11.99/mo or free trial)
  • ThriveCart (aff) for Shopping Cart (cost $497 one-time fee + $197 one-time Learn upgrade)
  • Vimeo for Video Hosting (cost $9/month) 
  • Zoom for Live Masterclass & Recording (cost $14.99/month)

What You Can Do With a Masterclass

  • Sell It for Quick Income - You could setup and sell on the same day!
  • Give it Away in Bundles or Giveaways to Build Your List.
  • Add it to a Membership to Win Loyalty from Your Members.
  • Offer a Monthly Subscription to Create Recurring Income.

Here's What To Do Next:

OK! I think I've given you all the info you need to help you decide if this is the right thing for you to use to move your business forward right now. 

I'm so excited for you if the answer is a BIG YES to creating your own Fast Masterclasses! 

All you need to do now is fill out the info below and click the "Complete Order" Button to join in the fun! 

Masterclass Launched in 3 Hours training (approx 1.25 hrs).

Two weeks of Email Coaching Support.

Full Checklist of Tools needed and why I use them.

Masterclass Salespage Template in Word Doc and ThriveCart import.

Powerpoint Presentation Template.

Email Templates, for the initial welcome after purchase email and the reminder.

Email Samples, for the promotional masterclass emails.

Free Retakes & Updates! 

Special Bonus Offer!...

Build Your List with Bundle Events
Add  this training for just $15 (reg. $45)! Join bundle events to grow your list by dozens or hundreds at a time. Then sell them your classes to grow your business.
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  • 1xMasterclass Launched in 3 Hours$95

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"Removing the Risk" Guarantee:
14-Day Money Back Guarantee:

Apply what you learn in Masterclass Launched in 3 Hours and if you don't feel like you've got all your money's worth and more simply contact me for a full refund within 14 Days.

What My Customers Said:

I recorded my Module 1 of the Email masterclass today and have it up in the ThriveCart learning center! Yeah. I know that now I've got over this first hurdle, it will only get easier to create the ongoing masterclasses :)

Danielle Cousin
Client Chemistry

Angela, Without you, I wouldn't have a business at all. Your first bundle sale allowed me to build a list and earn affiliate commissions for the first time. I like you have changed my business since then, but that was my real start. 

Lori Winslow
Lori Winslow Online

Angela has helped me to move from fear of changing business structure to understanding it’s ok to change as many times and as much as I want because when it comes down to it my happiness is most important

Kirsten Womack
Move With Mack