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Learn WordPress with Easy to Follow Training Made Just for Small Business Owners

I love the lifestyle and freedom that running a small business online allows me. 

From the...

  • thrill of starting new projects (and websites), to the 
  • freedom to take a day off whenever I want, to the 
  • ability to work from anywhere with wifi (and a little coffee). 

All of this would not be mine if I hadn’t put in the effort to learn website design oh so many years ago. 

The problem with how I learned to design sites, though, was that I struggled… hard. 

I built my very first website in HTML by hand in 1999. For those of you who don’t know that’s a very tedious and time consuming way to build a site! 

Over the years I tried many different site builders that were not easy to use, none of them are really used at all anymore. 

Nothing gave me the true flexibility I really wanted (and had a taste of after being a ‘from-scratch’ girl).

Until I discovered WordPress around 2005. Starting out using it for blogging, eventually WordPress became so much more. Today in 2023 we can create BEAUTIFUL sites from scratch with WordPress!

WordPress: The Wonder of Websites Creation

WordPress changed my life and allowed me to create a business that took me from stressed-out afternoon-shift factory worker to real true entrepreneur. 

I now use WordPress to power all my websites and blogs and I as I move forward with this program I intend to make great strides teaching smart business owners like YOU how to harness all WordPress has to offer for your business. 

I've spotted a need for people to have a true understanding of WordPress in order to operate online businesses, update quickly, pivot and build in other streams of income. 

That’s why I created this WordPress coaching & training program to be what I didn’t have when I got started. To help you avoid all the trials and testing I did before I figured it out. I know I can help you skip all that crap and get to the good stuff. I have literally created the website setup & program I WISHED I had when I first started building websites in 1999. 

Here are some of the sites I've recently created in WordPress:

What Can You Do With WordPress?

Let's consider the ways in which WordPress can be used. Looking at this list what think about how much that's worth to you:

  • Update your website anytime you want or need. This means you won't be bound by the services of someone else. Their limitations won't matter, their schedule won't matter. You'll be in full control of your website and business. 

  • Create side hustles. Want to be a blogger? Start a side service or freelance? Start any new business that requires a website? Having a honed site skill is backup money and pivot potential at the ready.

  • Update other people's websites. If you work with clients you can do all kinds of WordPress-related services. From adding blog posts to keeping a site updated to redesigning a site and more. 

  • Create websites for others. Want to be a site designer? Charge anywhere from $500 to $5000+ designing WordPress website for clients. There is never a lack of need for new sites. 

  • Flip websites for cash bursts. You can create sites from scratch to sell or buy sites, "renovate" them and resell them. Or buy, update, keep for a while and sell later for even more. Giving you backup income potential ready and waiting.  

This is my absolute FAVORITE Feedback from a previous website training client:
What Do We Need Websites For, Anyways?

There are so many tools out there to help you build an online business. There are so many ways to make money WITHOUT a website. 

Do you even need one? Well... sure you could go it without one. However there are some distinct reasons to HAVE a website.

Reasons to build your own website: 

Home Base. Your website is your interactive and customizable business home base. It's where you'll determine your brand and present your business. New people you meet can get a good understanding of what you do with a well laid out and developed website. 

Products Showcase. Your website provides amble opportunities to showcase and show off your products, your customers and your feedback on the work you do. 

Contact Info. Your customers and potential customers will want to contact you. Having a main site that they can refer to and look up your contact info is just basic online business 101. 

About Info. People who want to work with you will read your about page. It's the second most popular page on most websites after the homepage. 

Blogging. Having a blog on your website is a great way for those who are not on your emails list to get to know you. 

Media & Partnerships. People who'd like to work with you want to check you out. Having your info laid out in an easy to consume way on your website is a good way to help yourself work with the right people. 

Make Sales & Build Your Email List. If you build a steady flow of traffic to your website you can also build your email list and make sales directly from your website.

Get Found on Google & Search Engines. If people are searching for what you have to offer and your site is the most relevant result you'll show up in the search engines. This can gain you customers and clients! 

Make Websites From Scratch

There’s no question you need a website to promote your business. By now, you’re probably also well aware that using WordPress is the most popular choice not only for blogs but for websites, too! 

You’re a smart, savvy small business owner who knows that learning a new skill takes time. You also know that the fastest way to work your way through a tricky path is to find someone who’s already done it, many times! 

That’s where the Make Websites from Scratch coaching program comes in. 

What You'll Learn:

Module 1: Setting up With WordPress

Inside this module we will cover:

  • Choosing & Registering a Domain Name that Rocks.
  • Signing up for Hosting & Installing WordPress, Easily.
  • WordPress Initial Setup & Training - Including a full "WordPress Tour".

Module 2: Customizing WordPress

Inside this module we will cover:

  • Choosing & Installing a WordPress Theme, Like a Breeze!
  • Planning Your Website Layout & Look so it Works & Looks Amazing. 
  • Setup & Tour of "Kadence" WP Theme - A free, beautiful, popular theme.
  • Creating a Quality Theme Header & Brand Board in Canva.

Module 3: Adding Content to Your Website

Inside this module we will cover:

  • Common Pages & Posts & Page Setups to Make Your Site Work.
  • Using the Site Editor so You Have Full Control of Your Site. 
  • Adding Blog Posts, Articles, Audio, Video & Images.

Module 4: Maximizing Your Site with Plugins & More

Inside this module we will cover:

  • How Plugins Work & What They Are (Understanding is Key). 
  • Plugins to Add Functionality to Your Site. 
  • Maintaining & Keep Your Site Secure so It Works Long-Term.

Who This Training is For:

DIY Online Business Owners - If you're the independent type who wants to be able to create your own site, blog, make changes easily then this training is for you. 

Freelancers & Service Providers - If you're interested in helping your clients with their websites you'll learn what you need to know to master WordPress. 

Side-Hustlers and Website Flippers - You can build your own sites to sell, start side-hustles or buy websites to fix and flip. 

Why I Qualify to Teach:

Hi, I'm Angela Wills. If we haven't met yet the short story is I started my business when my son was born to be free to raise him as I wanted. I quit my job in 2007 and have been earning my income online ever since. 

I've been running memberships creating websites since 1999 when I built my first site for fun! I've worked with thousands of people running businesses on WordPress and I've taught hundreds of people to build websites in WordPress. 

My top value in business is lifestyle freedom. I've spent twenty years raising a business while raising a family with family as the priority! 

Websites by My Students:

How it Works:

All course modules are ready for you now!

Take this training at your own pace. Work through it all in a week or do one module per week or as you have time - up to you. 

Software Needed:

You might be wondering what it's going to take to get your website up and running in terms of software and additional cost. I won't make you wait until you've paid up to tell you the software and purchases I'm suggesting on the inside. 

This way you know the full costs up front, and why I choose those tools/software. 

Here are the software programs and tools you'll need to design your site within the Make Websites from Scratch training:

  • - free. You install this through your hosting account.
  • Hosting - $5/month. I'm recommending my favorite host to you in this program. You'll get amazing support and an easy to sign up for service. 
  • Domain Name - $15 per year (approximately). 
  • Graphics - free or $119/year (recommended). Use the graphics tool for backgrounds, stock photos, graphics, headers, image mockups and more! 
  • Theme - free or $129/year. You can make beautiful sites even with the free version of the theme I'm recommending to you. 

So you can get your own site up for the cost of domain name and hosting which is about $20 to start. I'll walk you through this entire process in Make Websites from Scratch. 

That's the deal of the century as far as I'm concerned! You can get your business up and running on such a low-budget that it actually becomes a little TOO tempting to throw up new businesses like you're tossing a frisbee! I had to learn long ago that just because I CAN make a website on my new interest in anything from Chai Tea Latte to Productivity Hacks, doesn't mean I SHOULD create a website on every topic I can think of ;) 

That said, it's REALLY good to have options. 

Knowing how to make and update your own websites gives you lots and lots of options. 

I look forward to sharing them with you and teaching you how to make websites from scratch! 

Hope to see you on the inside. 

Angela Wills

Sign Up Now & Receive:

Step-by-Step Training that walks you though the entire process of signing up for hosting to customizing & developing your site to adding content. 

BONUS: Student Showcase Listing. Create and launch your website with this training and you'll be promoted on my website and in my emails :) !

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After Taking This Training You Can Expect To....

  • Create your own sites from scratch anytime you want! Hello business freedom. Start a new side hustle or work for clients or make sits to sell anytime you like. ​

  • Update WordPress websites anyway you like! Want a new theme? Done. Need to add content? You got it. Plugins needed to add a cool website feature? No problemo. ​

  • Take your online business into your own hands. Having control of your own website means you're never at the mercy of anyone else. Even if you fully intend to hire designers and VAs to work on your business it's so important you understand how your site works and that you CAN take it into your own hands if needed.

Previous Clients &
Customers Said:

"I wanted to thank you so much for your Make Websites from Scratch course. It took me a while to get through it to figure out some of the steps but I didn't give up. I just kept at it and my website is FINALLY live. It's pretty basic right now but I have so many ideas for the future!"

Christine Dew

"Websites are going well. My VA has made 3 so far! Two were to transfer form Kajabi and the 3rd is the Professional Toolkit Bundle site! It was a very worthwhile investment your Websites from Scratch. It has saved me lots of time and money."

Martine Barclay

"Before I went through Angela's course, I had a website that was a disaster. I was confused, overwhelmed, and did my best to figure it out on my own and made many, many mistakes. During the training, I was saying a lot of "Oh, that's what I should have done," lol. Now I have a beautiful and functional website that I understand, am able to operate, update, and that I'm proud to invite people to see! Thank you, Angela!"

Robin Fritz

""I started to create a website, but I got overwhelmed. Signing up for Angela's course forced me to get serious about completing it. There were a lot of useful tips that helped to make the process go more smoothly.""

Kate McDonald

I initially reached out to Angela when I needed to build a WordPess site for my Virtual Assistance business in late 2013. I then went on to continue practicing my skills and have since designed sites, flipped and sold a site and am now utilizing those skills to develop an online directory for VAs. I was able to use Angela's training to start a site and now to a point where I’m more advanced and can build clients sites or flip websites. 

Angela is definitely your go to person for website training that will get you to a point of confidence to build and maintain sites for yourself and clients.

Amber Fuller

I am so appreciative of all that I have learned and I am grateful for your authenticity, humor and willingness to share what you've learned in this industry. I can't tell you the confidence I have gained and how I have stretched and grown as a result of being a part of your tribe. Thank you for helping me grow my list, create my first website and attract clients. If things change, I'll be back as you are one of the few investments I made that had a great rate of return (smile!!).

Sonya Williams

I know I've said this before, but I truly appreciate your authenticity. You're a joy to learn from and to be associated with. You truly live and speak from your heart and it shows in everything you do. I love your lightheartedness, your passion for life and learning, and your genuine interest in helping others to show up and do their best!

Tara Alexandra

I think you’ve done a really good job with the content you provide, the support you give, and how well organized and laid out it is.

Angelique Duffield

It was an absolute pleasure coaching with you over the past year. Your presence in my life, from the daily accountability to calling me out on my crap to knowing you were available to bounce ideas off have helped me get more organized and more focused on what I want to achieve and what I want to bring to the table. As a result we were able to hit and exceed the income goals we set for our company this year – at a level I never dreamed we could reach – and are looking forward to growing even more in 2021.

Ruth Bowers