Hi from Angela Wills!

One of the most common things I hear about email marketing is "I don't know what to write" OR "I freeze up trying to think of the BEST thing to send". 

This is from people with big lists or small lists, a little traffic or a lot of traffic. 

I get it. When you put so much pressure on each and every email you might feel like you need to be amazing with every stroke of the keyboard!

Might I suggest something, though? 

Take the pressure OFF! 

There's a whole industry out there that wants you to believe you need to dazzle people, wow them to the max, show off your massive successes or don't show up at all. 

OH SO NOT true. So very not true. 

We're onto the "perfect people" out there. We know that the amazing bits are the highlight real. We want REAL people with REAL lives, REAL stories, REAL values and who make mistakes and own up to them. 

And so do your subscribers. 

Not to mention we are now competing with ROBOTS who also write content through AI programs - oy! 

But don't worry about the robots. We have something they don't have (at least not yet). 

That thing is we have the power of emotion, feelings and having our own personal values. 

It's those values that I want to teach you how to use in ENDLESS Email ideas. 

I'm so freaking excited for this class! (< see a robot can't say that ;) 

Using your core values I'll show you how to establish Core Messages that will keep your audience connected with you, keep your messaging consistent and create a bond that will have people buying what you sell because YOU are selling it (ummm... can we say customer loyalty?!)

Here are some really good reasons to think about using Core Messages and Values to create Endless Email Ideas for your email marketing:

  • With Core Messages it's easy to write emails because you're just sharing what's important to you.
  • Sharing your values draws in people with the SAME values as you - creating a very tight connection to your readers.
  • Your energy around your values is going to automatically and naturally come through. You won't have to even try to sound excited, engaged, ready - your values do that for you.
  • You'll never run out of ideas because you simply talk about what matters to you.

In this class I am going to deep-dive into my thought process for using Core Messaging, how to develop your own and how to start stockpiling your ideas for content. 

Here's what I've got on my class agenda:
  • What are Core Values & Core Messaging?
  • How to Find Your Core Messaging (Exercise with Worksheet)
  • How to establish an email list where people stay for YOU, not your topics, offers, products, etc. They buy YOU.
  • Examples of Core Messages and Emails Using Core Messaging. 

I'm so excited to share this with you! There is no need for any manipulation or pushy tactics that make you feel like you need to take a shower after... it's FEEL GOOD marketing so you can "just hit send"! 

This is a class for you if you want your content to flow no matter what topic or offer or product you are talking about. 

This is a class for you if you want to build deep connections with your subscribers so they truly get to know you and what you stand for. 

I can't wait to share this topic and training with you. If you have ANY questions you can always email me at angela@angelawills.com or hit the message button on the bottom of this page - I read and respond, always. 

Talk soon and hope to see you there! 

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