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Hey You! Grab your favorite warm beverage, cuddle up cozy and let's talk about how to send emails and make money any day, any time... in a way that feels RIGHT.

What If Creating Impact Online Looked Like This...

You work the hours you want, from the places you want, doing the work you want, with the people you want and the projects you love. TOTAL business freedom is what I'm talking about. 

You earn money for helping others consistently. So consistently you know you can sell anytime you want or need to. Essentially... money on demand

You are confident that your income source is stable. It can survive through a pandemic, it can allow you to pivot, it can account for new interests while keeping sales flowing. 

Your work feels right and good and like you're doing something to help the world. It flows and feels easy and honest and true. 

This is What Email Marketing Can Do For You

Hi! I'm Angela Wills. 

You likely know me from my email list. I email almost daily and I've done so for over 10 years.  I'm the owner and founder of

I make almost 100% of my income from email marketing. I mean sending emails and making sales. 

No regular client calls.  
No discovery calls. 
No sales webinars. 
No social media. 

It's me, some words (sometimes pictures) and order links.  

If you are on my list you might already feel like you know me even if we've never actually met.

That's on purpose!

To me it's about RELATIONSHIPS. 

I love people.  And I've always loved having real conversations about real things. 

When I email my list I write to them as if I'm sending a letter to a friend. This is why I call my email opt-in "Letters From Angela". 

My email marketing method is not like all the others. 

You'll find some businesses are just straight to the point and the offer. 
You'll find some businesses email sporadically and you forget who they are. 
You'll find some businesses never talk about themselves, ever. 

Those methods can ALL work but they won't all build the kind of customer who THINKS of you as a friend, who stays on your list even if you change industries and product offers, who is loyal and is part of your email community. 

I have a client right now who's been with me for 15 years and has spent $6000 with me in the last year alone.

I've had subscribers and customers stick with me as I rebranded, switched offers, switched industries and services. They stayed because they liked ME, not just my products and recommendations (though they love those, too). 

I've sold over one million dollars online by sending emails, selling everything from physical products to services to digital products to coaching. The large majority, though, was digital products and offers because I love the low cost, inventory-free, business model. 

If this is the kind of business you'd like to build then I'll teach you. For the first time ever I've created a program to teach you how to be a professional email marketer in the most feel-good way possible! 

I'm pulling the curtain OFF and showing you, telling you and action-stepping you through what to do to use email marketing as the way you make a living, a GOOD living, online! 

I'll teach you how to send emails for a living! 

The one thing I do every single day to keep my business going is send emails. 

It comes down to this:

  • Prepare an offer or reuse an offer (digital products, affiliate offers, services). 
  • Send almost DAILY emails to my list. 

It's simple. It's so simple many people seem to not even really believe that's it. 

There are methods. There are techniques. There are systems and habits. I'll teach you these in Email for a Living so that you can skip the trial and error and build an income like I have through email marketing. 

Here's What You Get:

Email for a Living is a video module program. In each module I will walk you through how to promote your offers using email marketing. 

All modules will be live-recorded and upon sign up you'll be invited to attend these recordings.  

You'll also get completely free retakes of any runs of this training and a minimum of one year access to all recordings and downloads. 

Here's What Learning to
Email for a Living Means:

You have a profitable skill that you can't lose or have taken from you

You can work with total lifestyle freedom!

You can shift business models or products or industries easily because email marketing WORKS for EVERY business

You can build a community of people who love you and buy from you

You can be totally location independent (all you need is a laptop or maybe even a phone or tablet)! 

If you think doing one-on-one client work, doing "discovery" calls, sales webinars or booking up your calendar with calls and interviews for "partnership opportunities" are the only way to build your business I assure you that THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH.

I barely use my phone to SPEAK with people. I just DO NOT LIKE PHONE CALLS. And while I love to be happy and positive and go after what I want I also am really clear on what I don't want. I don't want to be "booked solid"... YUCK! 

I rather spend my time drinking coffee at the beach 10 minutes from my home while planning emails, journaling or big-picture business thinking.

With a solid email marketing mindset, plan and habit my time is ALL my own! You can do this, too. 

Who "Email for a Living" is For:

You already have an email list or a solid plan to start building one. 

You have one or more offers you can make to your list. This can be digital products, coaching, physical products, services, affiliate offers or any combination of offers. 

You want to work online and have TOTAL Lifestyle Freedom! 

Who "Email for a Living" is NOT For:

This is NOT for you if you're not willing to email regularly. I'm teaching you what I know and what I know is that if you email once a week you'll email 52 times in a year and you'll have people forget who you are. That's not going to cut it to earning you a living with email. 

This is NOT for you if you insist you MUST have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and all the things mastered at once! Or if you think any of those are a better spend of your time than email... This training is about email marketing as #1 in terms of income, return on time invested and return on money invested. 

This is NOT for you if you're invested in working harder than you have to. Some people are just not willing to give up on the idea that they MUST book up their calendar, have one-on-one calls or be in-demand to their customers or clients. If this is you and you're not willing to leverage the POWER of email marketing this course is not for you. 

There's a significant shift of mindset required to be someone who sends emails for a living. 

You start to realize how much you can do just by sending emails to dozens, hundreds or thousands (or more) people at one time. 

You start to realize the power of the "one to many" business model and that email marketing itself is one of the most effective, time-efficient and return for your money marketing method out there. 

If you're not feeling this to be something you can believe, this program isn't for you. 

What You'll Learn in "Email for a Living"

Module 1: Principals of Email
Marketing Success.

Sending emails that build relationships and generate sales is where it's at! Here's what we'll learn:

The principals you need to understand intuitively to email like a Rockstar. 

WHY emailing your list regularly is a SERVICE, not an annoyance. 

How to use your email software. 

Opt-in strategies and why they matter. 

The fix so that you NEVER feel like you're bothering people with your emails!

Module 2: Establishing Your Email Style.

Everyone has a style. You're your own unique person and your emails should be a reflection of YOU. In this module we cover:

Determine your email style so your emails are always authentic

How to determine your core messages so you are never at a loss for what to write

How to make email marketing the most natural thing you do - something you ALWAYS feel confident and effective at. (aka Email like it's NBD - No Big Deal).

Module 3: Types of Emails.

Here's what we'll learn:

Email strategies & what to choose.

The Story Email

The Info Email

The Offer Email

The Reminder Email

The Combo Email 

Module 4: Sending Email

One and done emails don't get the job done. You won't give your offers the time they need unless you participate in email campaigns. Here's what you'll learn:

What is an email campaign? 

Why you should always use campaigns if you want results.

What else you can do to boost your campaign (using what you've got).

Reusing previously successful campaigns for FAST work of profitable email marketing

Module 5: How to Write so
People Buy From You.

You can suck at salespages, ads, marketing and all things selling and get amazing sales from an email list that loves you. We'll learn how to do THAT in this module.  Including:

Building trust by building a community through your emails so they EASILY buy from you. 

Making sales without "selling" in the way you think of it now. You'll sell so naturally it's just like helping others and it feels GOOD to help others! 

Formatting techniques so emails are easy to read and easy to click (and buy). Words, images, graphics, videos & links.... Uses in email marketing.

Module 6: email for a living

This module puts it all together and gives you an action plan to:

Create your consistent email habit. 

Create your email style. 

Determine a email content plan. 

Check your data and create standards to aim for. 

Set up for long-term email success.

What You WON'T Learn in "Email for a Living"

This is NOT a list-building training. We are focusing on making money with your list no matter if it's got 50, 500 or 5000 subscribers. 

This is NOT a list for aggressive marketers. If you're looking for hypey or exaggerated marketing this is not your list. My emails are low-key but I do love me some emojis and exclamation points when the time is right!!!

This is NOT a get rich quick plan. Building a community of loyal emails subscribers who get you and love you and want to buy from you takes time and effort. It's sooo worth the effort, though! 

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Previous Clients & Customers Have Said...

"Great rate of return."

I am so appreciative of all that I have learned and I am grateful for your authenticity, humor and willingness to share what you've learned in this industry. I can't tell you the confidence I have gained and how I have stretched and grown as a result of being a part of your tribe. Thank you for helping me grow my list, create my first website and attract clients. If things change, I'll be back as you are one of the few investments I made that had a great rate of return (smile!!).

Sonya Williams
"Without you I wouldn't have a business at all."

Angela, Without you, I wouldn't have a business at all. Your first bundle sale allowed me to build a list and earn affiliate commissions for the first time. I like you have changed my business since then, but that was my real start.

Lori Winslow
"We were able to hit and exceed the income goals we set."

It was an absolute pleasure coaching with you over the past year. Your presence in my life, from the daily accountability to calling me out on my crap to knowing you were available to bounce ideas off have helped me get more organized and more focused on what I want to achieve and what I want to bring to the table. As a result we were able to hit and exceed the income goals we set for our company this year – at a level I never dreamed we could reach – and are looking forward to growing even more in 2021.

Ruth Bowers
"You're a joy to learn from."

I know I've said this before, but I truly appreciate your authenticity. You're a joy to learn from and to be associated with. You truly live and speak from your heart and it shows in everything you do. I love your lightheartedness, your passion for life and learning, and your genuine interest in helping others to show up and do their best!

Tara Alexandra
Happy Customer
"I think you've done a really good job."

I think you’ve done a really good job with the content you provide, the support you give, and how well organized and laid out it is.

Angelique Duffield
"Removing the Risk" Guarantee

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Take the first two weeks of training and apply the learning in the modules and if after that you don't feel like it's worth what you paid then simple contact me for a full refund on your full or partial payment. 

Angela Wills, Owner, Sole Proprietor