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Lifestyle Freedom Coaching
Coaching Program with Angela Wills
I'm excited to introduce my goals-focused, quarterly-based personal coaching. 

You and I working towards your goals with a focus on improving your business quarter after quarter. 

This is for everyone who wants to progress in your business. Whether you run or move at your own pace is not important, only that you do move. I will be by your site to cheer you on!

This coaching is probably different from anything you've ever been offered. There are no live calls. I believe there are those of us who prefer to take action over talk... and I've set my coaching to be goals and action oriented! 

How Coaching Works: 

It's a personal group for me and my coaching client in Facebook. Just me and you!

Which means when coaching is over you'll have a full dedicated, searchable record of all coaching. 

You can post loom videos (free Chrome browser app) or go live (talking head or otherwise) into the group to get help when you need it. 

I personally think zoom calls are an hour you can spend working on a task that moves the dial on goals. 

This coaching is goals-drive. We will work in quarters, so Q4 coming up. 

NOT high pressure but high PROGRESS. 

We will focus on achieving or moving forward on a goal over a three month period. 

These are bespoke goals, not generic... we will get to what you need. 

Weekly check-ins and you'll get a record of those at the end. 

Includes permanent access to email practice club and all my offers that release while you are in coaching. 

I'm really excited about this! 

I have space for four clients which I intend to take in over the next couple of weeks - we will do a two week intake where I really get to understand your business via an intake form and asking you lots of questions in the Facebook group.

"Your coaching is worth so much more than you charge!"

Gael Wood
Elevate with Gael
What you get:

  • One full year of personal coaching with Angela Wills, starting from the date you sign up. 

  • A personal Facebook Group, just you and I, where you can add conversations, videos, images and even files. An organized and searchable space for all your coaching and a record to keep after coaching is complete! 

  • All my coaching programs, classes and membership ($$$ value).

  • Two week intake process where I learn as much as I can about your business so I'm properly equipped to help YOU! 

  • Weekly Client Check-in Forms to track progress. Record at end of each quarter to show your progress. 

Programs Included NOW... More to come:

Email Practice Club - $240/year Membership

Lifestyle Freedom Business - $100 Course

ThriveCart Kickstart - $100 Course

Email for a Living - $100 Course 

Make Websites from Scratch - $100 Course

Affiliate Marketing Winner - $100 Course

Quick Class-Based Memberships - $100 Course

Forever Customers - $100 Course

Masterclass Launched in 3 Hours - $100 Course

Mindmap Everything - $100 Course

Build Your List with Bundle Events - $35 Class

Build Your List with Challenges - $35 Class

Build Your List with an Affiliate Program - $35 Class

Finish Strong - $35 Class

Find Anything Anywhere - $35 Class

Website Flipping for Fun & Profit - $100 Course

Write Emails Faster - $35 Class

What I Can Coach You On:

I love to focus on email marketing, creating digital products, writing and community. 

My experience lends itself to many topics as I have been successfully selling online since 2002, when I set up my first shopping cart and had my first order from a stranger! 

Here are some of (but not all) the things we can work on when we coach together:

Email Marketing (of course!)

Creating Digital Products

Running an Affiliate Program

SEO Blogging (I'm just starting this but getting results and can get you started as well)


Building Your Email List

Running an Active and Engaged Community

Affiliate Marketing

Starting or Running a Membership

Building a Website

In the past I've only worked with established business owners for my coaching but this time I will work with beginners if you ARE READY to take action. 

I'm not the coach for you to get past the fear of starting a business but let's say you're ready to build your first email list, set up a shopping cart or create your website as one of your quarterly goals, I'm your coach for that! 

Who This is For...

I've worked with all kinds of business owners over the years but there are some kinds of people who tend to work best with me. 

I certainly relate to moms in business as I have been raising a business while raising a family for 21 years now! 

Here are some of the kinds of business that might fit best with my coaching. If you don't see yours on the list that doesn't mean it's not a fit. Reach out to me via email or the button below and we can no-pressure chat about it. 

  • Virtual Assistants and Freelancers - I was a Virtual Assistant and did many other freelance style services like writing, editing, copywriting, affiliate management and web development. I know what it's like to work for cients, have guaranteed money via client-work and then switch over to the uncertain world of digital offers. 

  • Bloggers - While I have never been a professional blogger I have blogged since 2005 in one form or another. I also would LOVE to work with bloggers who are looking to add digital products and email marketing to their sites. Perhaps even a membership. There is so much potential for you there! 

  • Physical Product Sellers - My very first business was a physical product business that I started from scratch. We made handmade soaps from scratch, developed an entire manufacturing process and branched into home parties, home shows, craft shows, wholesale and of course, online sales and more! 

I'm sure there are more people I'd love to work with... as I said please do reach out if you have any questions! 

My Values:

Picking a coach is an important choice for your business. I think one of the most important parts of that choice is if your coach's values match yours. 

If our values don't match then I won't be able to provide you with the support you need. 

My values are what drive me in my business, not money. I have the money results. I have the time and time again proof that I can earn online, even starting from $0, even starting over in a pandemic or a recession (as I've just done both). I have earned over one million dollars selling mainly online courses and classes through email marketing. While I can and do earn money my top values are as follows:

  • Family, Friends & Community - People are extremely important to me and I love humans of all kinds. I'm driven by a need to connect with and do what I can do to be there for other humans. 

  • Freedom - I value my right to do what I want with my life. To make it be the best I can based on my own choices and decisions alone. To spend my precious time in a way that I want to spend it (mostly with the people I love and finding new people to connect with). 

  • Honesty, Ethics, Compassion - I sell stuff and it's a tricky slope sometimes to keep on the right side of being completely compassionate to others but it's my mission always. I don't believe in lying. 

  • Ambition, Growth Mindset, Self Improvement - I aim to continually grow into a new version of me. I was telling a friend that I can't imagine not wanting to be more and do more! I'm just driven to keep discovering what I'm capable of. 

This isn't me saying the right words to get a client. This is me, as a leader, stepping up in a bigger way to show you who I am and what I stand for. 

I invite you to do the same. To step into YOUR leadership for your community. Show them what you value, what you stand for and who you are. I would love to support you on that journey as you look to serve and be in service to those that you can help. I'd love to be your coach as you step into that power and energy. 

I'm here to support you in growing your business. 


If you compare my prices to other highly experienced driven coaches you'll find I'm much lower priced. 

I'll tell you exactly why - I've paid $400/month as my highest coaching payment for my own business coaches. I don't feel right to charge more than I'm willing to pay. I've put a lot of time and attention into my self development in the past year and will continue to do so. When I hire a coach again I'm likely to pay more and my prices are likely to increase accordingly.

The cost of coaching now is $3750 for 12 months of coaching. You get daily (Monday to Friday) access to me and you get all my products. You will get the support you need from myself, an experienced online marketer and seller since 2002. I'm a mom first and I know what it's like to prioritize your life - in fact I recommend it!

If this is a fit I'd love to connect with you first and sign up you second. If we haven't talked yet just hit the message below (never any pressure). 

Talk soon, 

Talk soon!
Angela Wills

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  • 1xCoaching with Angela Wills$3750

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Coaching with Angela Wills$3750

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Please note there are no refunds on coaching. 

It was an absolute pleasure coaching with you over the past year. Your presence in my life, from the daily accountability to calling me out on my crap to knowing you were available to bounce ideas off have helped me get more organized and more focused on what I want to achieve and what I want to bring to the table. As a result we were able to hit and exceed the income goals we set for our company this year – at a level I never dreamed we could reach – and are looking forward to growing even more in 2021.

Ruth Bowers