How to Add Hundreds of People
to Your Email List at a Time
with Bundle Events!

Hi from Angela Wills!

As I teach people to build an online business the number one question that comes up is "How do I build my email list?"

My best answer is always: Participate in Bundle Events!

A Bundle Event happens when a group of savvy business owners get together and offer a bundle of products. They offer all these products in one event. They invite all their lists to come claim the bundle. 

When you participate in one of these events and someone claims your product they join YOUR email list. One by one you can get dozens or hundreds of people popping onto your list in a few days from any one event. 

By participating in an event you are getting the connection power of an entire GROUP of business owners. 

  • Bundle events can be a sale or free - X number of products for X dollars OR X number of products for free. 
  • Bundle events can cost you money to join or be free to join.

There are all kinds of iterations of how people run these events too but one thing remains the same across the board... when done right they can add dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people to your email list. 

Here is a screenshot of my email software program and all the people I've added to my list from events in the last six months or so of 2022:

That's a total of 1819 subscribers from events I have participated in for FREE and many for very little time invested! 

Those are the subscribers remaining after unsubscribes. It's common to get unsubscribers as there are many offers in a single bundle and not everyone is going to stay on your list. 

However, there are ways you can stand out and help yourself keep more subscribers by showing them how much value you offer. I'll walk you through the whole process in this training! 

In the Build Your List with Bundle Events Class I am going to teach you how to find events, prepare for them and build your list with them. 

What you get:

  • Recording teaching you exactly how to find bundles, prepare for them and add people to you email list using them (the tech tools, too). Audio or Video versions available. 
  • Worksheet & Checklist so you can think through what you need and have it ready
  • Bundle Event Listings - This will save you time searching for listings yourself! I'll give you links and dates of events you can participate in!
  • FREE REPEATS of this class every time it's run live. 
  • FREE ACCESS to the NEW Customer Community - weekly accountability, awesome people and great chats. 
  • BONUS seven days of personal email coaching from Angela Wills.

I'm looking forward to sharing the number one way I've built my email lists over the last 15 years. 

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  • Do I need to have an email list to join bundle sales?
    Not all bundle sales require you have a list. If you have any sort of following that you can promote the event to and drive some sales that could be acceptable.
  • How much time does this take to implement?
    That depends, really. If you already have a product that you can add into a bundle sale it could be as quick as it takes you to fill in a form! That's one of the big PERKS of these sales - if you've got the product ready it can be very fast return for your time invested.
  • Does it cost money to participate in bundle sales?
    It depends on the sale. Some cost money and some are free. I just participated in a free event that brought me over 240 new subscribers and counting (sign ups close next month). I have joined another that costs $150 to join and I have added about 400 people at a time. I'm willing to pay if I know it's going to be a high-quality event.
  • What tech tools do I need to participate in a giveaway?
    All you need is email software! If you have email software you can deliver the product via email after your people sign up.
  • Do I need to be an insider to join bundle events?
    Absolutely not! Sure it helps to be friends with people hosting sales and I do recommend you start building connections NOW with other business owners but if your product and business is appealing to the event you have a great chance of being approved into the sale.
"How I Started an Email List"

I enjoyed our collaboration and work over the past few years. I loved offering my digital product e-course in your 1st bundle. I have grown my list through this avenue and have gained some great followers. It’s basically how I started an email list. I love our digital nomad industry and want to raise awareness in the Australian community.

Amber Fuller